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To use when the websocket isn't on the same host.

This is needed for docker-compose settings where the ssh server and the
websocket are on two separate services.

Mutualy exclusive with `HAS_WEBSOCKET=1` which is the same as

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tmate server side

tmate-ssh-server is the server side part of


See on

Docker image

A docker image is provided: tmate/tmate-ssh-server

The following environment variables are used to configure the server:

  • SSH_KEYS_PATH (mandatory): The path where the ssh keys are located.
  • HAS_WEBSOCKET: set to 1 if the tmate-websocket server exists (for HTML5 clients).
  • USE_PROXY_PROTOCOL: set to 1 if the ssh server is behind a load balancer that uses the proxy protocol enabled. This is useful to get client real IPs.
  • SSH_HOSTNAME: configures the SSH hostname to advertise to tmate hosts.
  • SSH_PORT_LISTEN: port on which the SSH server should listen on.
  • SSH_PORT_ADVERTISE: configures the SSH port to advertise to tmate hosts. Defaults to SSH_PORT_LISTEN.

Note that you need to add the SYS_ADMIN capability to the container. This is needed to create nested containers (namespaces) to secure sessions.


MIT license.