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Vim Syntax highlight for gitolite configuration file "gitolite.conf"

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Vim Syntax highlight and indent scripts for gitolite configuration file gitolite.conf.


gitolite.vim is included in Vim from 7.3.347 on. If you have older Vim or you want the latest version, you have many options.

  1. Pathogen

    The recommended method is to install pathogen.vim, and then clone gitolite.vim repository (or copy the content) under ~/.vim/bundle/:

    cd ~/.vim/bundle
    git clone git://
  2. Download a released package ("Vimball", gitolite.vba.gz) from script page, open it in Vim and call :source %s.

  3. You can also create and/or install the Vimball from the source by calling:

    # create the Vimball
    # create and install it
    make install-vba
  4. Yet another option is to install the files directly:

    # to $HOME/.vim
    make install
    # or systemwide
    sudo make vimdir=/etc/vim install


Copyright © 2010-2011 Teemu Matilainen <>

License: Same as Vim or Apache 2

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