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This is a admin site for a fake business called Yondu Yoga. This page uses PHP to all user to login using self created user names and passwords. In the staff area they can enter their customers into the SQL database to schedule them for classes based on the type of yoga, and what time of day they want it. It displays the entered customers in a t…
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This is a concept site for a staff area for a yoga studio. I designed and developed this site from scratch using HTML5, CSS3, PHP and MySQL. For the login it uses HTML5 and PHP for password authentication and validation. Staff members login using their created username and password generated by the admin. Once logged in they are able to create new clients by entering their information, and then schedule them for yoga classes based on type and time of day. The list of clients is then displayed on the customers main page. Staff members can also create new, edit existing customers, and delete customers.

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