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#!/usr/bin/env python
from __future__ import print_function
import sys
import glob
import os.path
from distutils.core import setup
assert sys.version_info[0]==2 and sys.version_info[1]>=7,\
"you must install and use OCRopus with Python version 2.7 or later, but not Python 3.x"
if not os.path.exists("models/en-default.pyrnn.gz"):
print("You should download the default model 'en-default.pyrnn.gz'")
print("and put it into ./models.")
print("Check for the location")
print("of model files.")
models = [c for c in glob.glob("models/*pyrnn.gz")]
scripts = [c for c in glob.glob("ocropus-*") if "." not in c and "~" not in c]
name = 'ocropy',
version = 'v1.3.3',
author = "Thomas Breuel",
description = "The OCRopy RNN-based Text Line Recognizer",
packages = ["ocrolib"],
data_files= [('share/ocropus', models)],
scripts = scripts,
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