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[run-coverage]: switch to run-test-ci, test for module

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zuphilip committed May 9, 2017
1 parent 98e075d commit cf877179bc193cd979b50a4c8abe566bc60f9265
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@@ -2,8 +2,17 @@
COVERAGE="python2 -m coverage"
+python2 -c "\
+ import coverage
+ print('ok - python module coverage is installed')
+except ImportError:
+ print('\nYou need to install the coverage module first, e.g. \n$ pip2 install coverage\n')
+ exit(1)"
rm -rf .coverage*
-PATH=$PWD:$PATH RUNNER="$COVERAGE run -p --include=$PWD/**/*" ./run-test
+PATH=$PWD:$PATH $COVERAGE run -p --include=$PWD/**/* ./tests/run-unit
+PATH=$PWD:$PATH RUNNER="$COVERAGE run -p --include=$PWD/**/*" ./run-test-ci
$COVERAGE combine
rm -rf htmlcov

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