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This is a gcc port of Seeedstudio's DSO Quad software.

DSO Quad

The DSO Quad is a pocket-size oscilloscope from

It uses a dual-channel 40MS/s ADC to capture into the SRAM of a SiliconBlue
FPGA, clocked at 36MS/s (with optional overclocking to 72MS/s and optional
interleaving to provide double capture rate). The STM32F103VCT6 (72 MHz Cortex-M3) 
then reads the FIFO over a 16-bit bus and displays them on an embedded
(intelligent) TFT screen.


You need an ARM toolchain that supports Cortex-M3 and builds a compatible
libgcc. worked
well for me.

The relevant parameters that I used:



There are 4 slots for applications to load, 32kb each. However, the
currently built executable is already larger than 32kb. Thus, you can't use
the next slot. For example, if you flash the application to slot 2, you
can't use slot 3.

.hex files will be generated for all slots (except slot 4, for stated
reason). To install, connect the DSO Quad over USB, and power it on while
holding the first button and then copy the .hex file onto the USB drive.

It should be renamed to .rdy. Reboot the scope, and hold the button
corresponding to the application slot that you want to boot (no button for
slot 1).