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Commit 0966112... ("updated setup.py in prep for pypi") added an install_requires argument to the call to setup() in setup.py.
Unfortunately, this argument requires a version of setup() as imported from either setuptools or distribute -- and it looks like the typical try/except block for importing from setuptools, else from distutils was removed in commit 266f637... ("removed setuptools for now due to pyrex issues").

The result of this is that it is not possible to build bdist_eggs of gevent_zeromq. Specifically, commands of the format:

python setup.py bdist_egg

will fail with the message:

python setup.py bdist_egg
/usr/local/python/lib/python2.7/distutils/dist.py:267: UserWarning: Unknown distribution option: 'install_requires'

Needless to say, this is a big problem for those looking to deploy gevent_zeromq. Would you be amenable to adding back the standard try/except logic that most python modules use, so that we can once again build binary eggs?

Thank you very much,

Hunter Blanks

tmc commented Jul 4, 2012

Sorry, dealing with setuptools caused enough pain in the past I plan on avoiding it. As this projects merges upstream you'll have the same issue there so I do not plan to make this sort of change.

@tmc tmc closed this Jul 4, 2012

I must beg your pardon, but I humbly request that this issue be reopened, since there is yet another way of fixing it we did not consider.

I could not tell from your message if the intended upstream for this project is zeromq/pyzmq, but assuming it is, then we would do best to just follow their approach in enabling users to make bdist_eggs. To that end they have created a file setupegg.py, whose contents are:

#!/usr/bin/env python
"""Wrapper to run setup.py using setuptools."""

import os, sys

# now, import setuptools and call the actual setup
import setuptools
except NameError:
    exec( open('setup.py','rb').read() )


I have confirmed that this same file, when included in your source, allows users to build binary eggs in the same fashion as recommend by zeromq/pyzmq.

As I noted, it is quite important when making deployments that users can package up binary eggs.

Would you be amenable to a pull request that fixed this bug, using a setupegg.py file as shown above?


@hblanks I've released 0.2.4 which includes a setupegg.py. Thank you for your input and patience.

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