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An R package to draw samples

SDraw draws five types of equal-probability samples from spatial objects, focusing on spatially balanced algorithms that are especially suited for environmental monitoring. SDraw implements the following:

  • Halton Iterative Partitions (HIP)
  • Balanced Acceptance Samples (BAS)
  • Generalized Random Tesselation Stratified (GRTS)
  • Simple Systematic Samples (SSS)
  • Simple Random Samples (SRS)

The first four sample types (HIP, BAS, GRTS, and SSS) provide spatially balanced samples. SRS does not. Frame types can be points, lines, or polygons implemented as SpatialPoints*, SpatialLines*, or SpatialPolygons* objects.

See package help (help("SDraw")) and help for function sdraw (help("sdraw")) to get started. A list of available functions can be obtained with help(package="SDraw"). [For the newby: all of R is case sensitive. SDraw is different than sdraw.]

License: GNU General Public License


Installation instructions are here


A technical PDF manual listing all functions and parameters is here.


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