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Cheat Sheet for Emacs Bindings

Feature Mode (Cucumber)

C-c , v    Run all scenarios in current file
C-c , s    Run current scenario
C-c , f    Run all scenarios in the project

Rspec Mode

C-c , v    Run all specs in current file
C-c , s    Run current spec
C-c , a    Run all specs in project
C-c , t    Toggle between spec and code

Rinari Mode

Basic Navigation commands

C-c ; f c	rinari-find-controller
C-c ; f e	rinari-find-environment
C-c ; f f	rinari-find-file-in-project
C-c ; f h	rinari-find-helper
C-c ; f i	rinari-find-migration
C-c ; f j	rinari-find-javascript
C-c ; f l	rinari-find-plugin
C-c ; f m	rinari-find-model
C-c ; f n	rinari-find-configuration
C-c ; f o	rinari-find-log
C-c ; f p	rinari-find-public
C-c ; f s	rinari-find-script
C-c ; f t	rinari-find-test
C-c ; f v	rinari-find-view
C-c ; f w	rinari-find-worker
C-c ; f x	rinari-find-fixture
C-c ; f y	rinari-find-stylesheet

Actions in Rinari:

C-c ; c     rinari-console
C-c ; e     rinari-insert-erb-skeleton
C-c ; f     Prefix Command
C-c ; g     rinari-rgrep
C-c ; q     rinari-sql
C-c ; r     rinari-rake
C-c ; s     rinari-script
C-c ; t     rinari-test
C-c ; w     rinari-web-server
C-c ; x     rinari-extract-partial

ETags Mode

M-.         find-tag (goes to the symbol definition)
M-0 M-.     goes to the next matching definition
M-*         return to your starting point
M-x tags-search <type your regexp>       initiate a search
M-,                                      go to the next match

ECB Mode

C-c . g 1       ecb-goto-window-edit1
C-c . g 2       ecb-goto-window-edit2
C-c . g d       ecb-goto-window-directories

VC Mode aka Version Control

C-x v d         vc-directory -- show all files which are not up to date
M-x vc-register add file into version control tracking


C-x 0           kill window