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Tim's Emacs configuration
Emacs Lisp
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Tim's Emacs Configuration

The basic structure of the directories is:

  • elpa: is the Emacs Lisp Package Archive
  • lisp-personal: are my personal configuration files. Roughly one per mode.
  • init.el: loads all my customisations
  • tim.el: miscellaneous customisation options


Grab a git clone of this repository

git clone git://

A few paths to executables may depend on MacPorts/Homebrew but that's it.


Things to try out or fix in no particular order.

  • enable coffee-script mode with flymake, currently flymake is locking up emacs.
  • enable javascript mode inside mumamo-mode so i get syntax highlighting within templates.
  • customise javascript mode so I get flymake, js-lint and fix the electric brackets support.
  • add snippets for jasmine tests.
  • customise where backup files are placed.
  • refactor init.el so I have more configuration files in a directory called "tim"
  • re-enable slime-mode for common-lisp
  • re-enable haskell-mode
  • c-mode, is this even required? Probably at some point.
  • learn all my damn keybindings
  • enable RI mode for rinari so I can lookup the documentation for Ruby/Rails code.
  • el-get for Emacs
  • Git integration with Emacs
  • Snippet support using something like yasnippet
  • Switch to rinari mode when opening a rails project root.
  • enable TRAMP mode
  • etags support for searching on methods/classes
  • enabled Ruby documentation lookup using ri
  • enable distel for Erlang


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