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- start integrating Chapter 11 code, to provide a RESTful interface.
- unit tests for individual modules.
- integration level tests for probing the cache and testing the right value is returned.
Testing Options
-> eunit
-> Common Test
- how many reltool.config per application (one for the whole application, and one each for the apps)
- definition of application, module and release? Service?
Module: - Bunch of functions grouped in a single file under a single name
Application: - the way you package related modules in Erlang. Unit of functionality.
Release: - A release consists of a set of applications together with some metadata specifying how to start and manage those applications as a system.
A release contains a stripped down Erlang runtime just for the applications included.
rebar.config -> rebar configuration for the meta-application.
apps -> individual applications that make up this release
|-> resource_discovery
| \-> rebar.config -rebar configuration for this individual Erlang application
\-> simple_cache
\-> rebar.config - rebar configuration for this individual Erlang application
rel -> reltool.config
-> Other stuff.
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