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Detect circular/cyclical require statements in a codebase.
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UNMAINTAINED: This module is no longer maintained, and installing it will trigger a warning from npm. ES6 modules have no constraints around circular imports, and are the recommended style of JavaScript in the future. This module also has limitations on the ES6 features it can support, due to its dependencies being vintage. If you'd like to adopt it, please do! File an issue and I'll happily transfer ownership to you.

Detect circular require statements in a codebase.


$ npm install -g circular-require


circular-require provides a single command that takes an entry point as its one argument. If it is run in a directory with a package.json with browserify.transform field, it'll use those transforms while resolving dependencies.

$ ~/src/app-styles〉circular-require src/index.js
found 1 cycles
[ '/Users/tmcw/src/app-styles/src/components/forms/_index.js',
  '/Users/tmcw/src/app-styles/src/components/forms/generic_fn.js' ]
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