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This adds installation instructions to the README file and links to your blog post :)

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# The DC Municipal Regulations
The [DC Municipal Regulations](
-* `scrape.js`: scraping. requires request, get, cheerio
-* ``: requires sh, catdoc
-This is also an experiment in open data design.
+This is also an experiment in open data design. See relevant post on
+[Indexing and Searching Big Static Data](
Most open data sites run as traditional websites; they have a content
management function (a UI for editing content), a 'search engine',
@@ -31,3 +28,31 @@ could then pre-pay for years of service.
This should also permit incredibly easy clonability; federating the data
store will be as simple as downloading a copy.
+## Installation
+ mkdir docs text indexes
+Install node.js module dependencies:
+ npm install
+Scrape the datasource
+ node/scrape/scrape.js
+Generate a json document from the titles generated in the docs directory
+ node titles.json
+Convert the documents into plain text
+Requires python plugins `catdoc` and `sh` installed which you can install via pip
+ python
+Lastly, generate an index by running
+ cd generate_index
+ node invert.js
+ node trie.js
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