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a minimal, local listener for iTunes data.

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This is an Mac OSX App, tested in 10.8, but will likely work in 10.7. It works with iTunes and logs listening data.

A sample song-play recorded by heard:

  "album" : "On The Water",
  "artist" : "Future Islands",
  "duration" : 291526,
  "id" : "-1183402847677178919",
  "minute" : 1346294601.155178,
  "name" : "On The Water",
  "rating" : null

Read more about heard and the visualizations possible with it on my blog.

Internally it uses CoreData for data storage, and relies on a single third-party library, underscore.m. It uses CocoaPods to include that library.

Running It

This is an unsigned app, not distributed in the Apple Store. To run it on Macs with Gatekeeper installed, either (right click or control-click) -> Open or turn off Gatekeeper.

See Also

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