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k-means clustering in configurable dimensions, in-browser and with node.js.

In order to support learning about the algorithm, this library is split into very small bits, so you can use each step separately.

var kmeans = require('kmeans');

var d = [1, 2, 3];
// take a random sample of the array d
var s = kmeans.sample(d, 1);

// [1]

// Get the euclidean distance between two points represented as
// arrays
console.log(kmeans.dist([0, 0], [0, 1]), 1);
// 1

In order to support a variety of data, accessors are used in functions like means_clusters(x, means, distance, val) (though with good defaults - distance defaults to euclidean, val defaults to function(x) { return x; }).

var c = kmeans.means_clusters([3], [3, 4])
// 1


npm install --save kmeans


npm test

License is WTFPL

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