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Presentations I've given
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advice-to-the-graduate Update
beyond Foss4g
beyondfor Update index.html
carto-foss4g More carto
carto Update carto/index.html
data-report-sotm Update
dccode Images
dcjq More nicar slides
foss4g Readme
gotham-2 Update diy3.html
gothamjs 1 and 2
id-foss4g Add preset gif
id-sotm Update
id Add iD
mapschool Good job historical tom
nicar More nicar slides
nodedc Style up
osm-intro More carto
projections Projections
qs moare
react-dc 2015, update list
sotmus Reupdate
tuGIS gh pages branch
turf-geodc 2015, update list
wherecampboston Fix do not kill
wherecampboston2 Be more specific about cartodb Add readme
index.html Add DBC

I mostly make my presentations as webpages, and recently use big for them. Here they are.

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