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Clicking a preset should load preset before rendering #7

llimllib opened this Issue · 5 comments

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Also, if the rendering mode is stateful, there should be some indication of what is the present state of the software.

Steps to surprise:

  1. Render some projection in super-hifi. Get an awesome map! Awesome! (Not sarcasm, the new super hi-fi mode is sweet)
  2. Click some other projection
  3. wait
  4. wait
  5. wait (still no info about the projection displayed in the x = or y = boxes)
  6. finally, the super-hifi image renders, and the function is displayed in the x= and y= boxes.
  7. Realize that the software made a super hi-fi map before displaying the projection to you, feel kinda dumb

I think you should display the projection functions in the x= and y= boxes, and setTimeout the rendering function so that I can read them while I wait. Add some indication of what the current mode is.

I'd be happy to implement this if you agree.


True, true. The rendering mode currently is a sort of blend of statefulness and not. Clarifying this would be definitely good, so give it a shot if there's some way to make it more straightforward.


Is the server code somewhere?


There is none - the site runs on gh-pages and is html + js.


hmmm... I was confused by the script reference to , but that doesn't work on either. My bad


Ah, I'll remove that. It's for

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