Enforces "peer" npm dependencies in Meteor 1.3+ Atmosphere packages.
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Enforces "peer" npm dependencies in Meteor 1.3 Atmosphere packages.

Use this package if you are writing an Atmosphere package that depends on a given npm package is installed at the app level of projects you are installed in.

For example, if you are depending on a npm-distributed React component, you don't want to Npm.depends() on the npm package in your Atmosphere package, as this will mean a second copy of React will be shipped client-side as a sub-dependency of your package. Instead, you can do:

import { checkNpmVersions } from 'meteor/tmeasday:check-npm-versions';
  'griddle-react': '0.3.x'
}, 'my:griddle-package');

const Griddle = require('griddle-react');

This will prompt the user with an warning message if they do not install griddle-react at a correct version directly in their application. If they install no version at all, your require statement will subsequently fail.

In your install instructions, you'll still want to tell them to npm install --save griddle-react --- this will just tell them what's wrong if they do not.

Note that you must use require rather than import, unless you do the check in a separate file, as import is hoisted to the top of the file (and thus will error before the call to checkNpmVersions, which means the user won't see the helpful warning telling them what to do).