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Meteor Paginated Subscription

This package is an experiment that adds pagination to Meteor's standard subscriptions. It's a byproduct of the Telescope project.


Install via Meteorite:

$ mrt add paginated-subscription


This package makes available a single function Meteor.subscribeWithPagination. Like the built in Meteor.subscribe, it returns a handle, which should be used to keep track of the state of the subscription:

var handle = Meteor.subscribeWithPagination('posts', 10);

The arguments are as usual to Meteor.subscribe, with an exception:

  1. The last argument must be a number, indicating the number of documents per page. This can be followed by callback functions in style of Meteor.subscribe.

The paginated subscription expects you to have a publication setup, as normal, which expects as a final argument the current number of documents to display (which will be incremented, in a infinite scroll fashion):

Meteor.publish('posts', function(limit) {
  return Posts.find({}, {limit: limit});

The important part of all this is the handle, which has the following API:

  • handle.loaded() - how many documents are currently loaded via the sub
  • handle.limit() - how many have we asked for
  • handle.ready() - are we waiting on the server right now?
  • handle.loadNextPage() - fetch the next page of results

The first three functions are reactive and thus can be used to correctly display an 'infinite-scroll' like list of results. Please see the telescope project for an example of real-world usage.


Contributions are heavily encouraged. The obvious things to fix are:

  1. Do actual "pagination" rather than "infinite scroll" -- i.e. have an option to pass around an offset as well as limit.
  2. Tests, tests, tests

Please contact me if you want to have a go at these and I'll be happy to help in what ways I can.


MIT (c) Tom Coleman

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