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# This file is part of reddit_api.
# reddit_api is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
# it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
# the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
# (at your option) any later version.
# reddit_api is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
# but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
# GNU General Public License for more details.
# You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
# along with reddit_api. If not, see <>.
import urllib
import urllib2
import cookielib
import warnings
import re
import json
except ImportError:
import simplejson as json
from urls import urls
from util import urljoin, memoize, limit_chars
from api_exceptions import APIException, APIWarning, BadCaptcha, \
NotLoggedInException, InvalidUserPass
from decorators import require_captcha, require_login, sleep_after, \
from settings import DEFAULT_CONTENT_LIMIT
# Import reddit objects
from base_objects import RedditObject
from comment import Comment
from redditor import Redditor
from submission import Submission
from subreddit import Subreddit
from inbox import Inbox
from helpers import _get_section, _get_sorter, _modify_relationship, _request
class Reddit(RedditObject):
"""A class for a reddit session."""
_friend = _modify_relationship("friend")
_friend.__doc__ = "Friend the target user."
_unfriend = _modify_relationship("friend", unlink=True)
_unfriend.__doc__ = "Unfriend the target user."
def __init__(self, user_agent=None, debug=False):
"""Specify the user agent for the application. If user_agent
is None and debug is True, then the user agent will be
"Reddit API Python Wrapper (Debug Mode)". """
if user_agent is None:
if debug:
user_agent = "Reddit API Python Wrapper (Debug Mode)"
raise APIException("You need to set a user_agent to identify "
"your application!")
self.DEFAULT_HEADERS["User-agent"] = user_agent
self._cookie_jar = cookielib.CookieJar()
opener = urllib2.build_opener(
self.user = None
def __str__(self):
return "Open Session (%s)" % (self.user or "Unauthenticated")
def _request(self, page_url, params=None, url_data=None):
"""Given a page url and a dict of params, opens and returns the page.
:param page_url: the url to grab content from.
:param params: the extra url data to submit
:param url_data: the GET data to put in the url
:returns: the open page
return _request(self, page_url, params, url_data)
def _request_json(self, page_url, params=None, url_data=None,
"""Gets the JSON processed from a page. Takes the same parameters as
the _request method, plus a param to control whether objects are
:param page_url
:param params
:param url_data
:param as_objects: Whether to return constructed Reddit objects or the
raw json dict.
:returns: JSON processed page
if not page_url.endswith(".json"):
page_url += ".json"
response = self._request(page_url, params, url_data)
if as_objects:
hook = self._json_reddit_objecter
hook = None
return json.loads(response, object_hook=hook)
def _json_reddit_objecter(self, json_data):
Object hook to be used with json.load(s) to spit out RedditObjects while
# TODO: This can be nicer. CONTENT_KINDS dict.
kinds = dict((content.kind, content) for content in
(Comment, Redditor, Subreddit, Submission))
kind = kinds[json_data["kind"]]
except KeyError:
return kind.from_api_response(self, json_data["data"])
return json_data
def content_id(self):
For most purposes, we can stretch things a bit and just make believe
this object is the user (and return it's content_id instead of none.)
return self.user.content_id
def _found_place_holder(self, children, place_holder=None):
Helper function, checks if any of the children's id match placeholder.
Rather useless, but allows breaking all the way out of a nested loop.
if place_holder is None:
return False
for child in children:
if == place_holder:
return True
def _get_content(self, page_url, limit=DEFAULT_CONTENT_LIMIT,
url_data=None, place_holder=None, all_content=None):
"""A method to return Reddit content from a URL. Starts at the initial
page_url, and fetches content using the `after` JSON data until `limit`
entries have been fetched, or the `place_holder` has been reached.
:param page_url: the url to start fetching content from
:param limit: the maximum number of content entries to fetch. if None,
then fetch unlimited entries--this would be used in conjunction with
the place_holder param.
:param url_data: extra GET data to put in the url
:param place_holder: if not None, the method will fetch `limit`
content, stopping if it finds content with `id` equal to
:param all_content: the current list of content (used for recursion)
:type place_holder: a string corresponding to a Reddit content id, e.g.
:returns: a list of Reddit content, of type Subreddit, Comment, or
if url_data is None:
url_data = {}
if all_content is None:
# The list which we will populate to return with content
all_content = []
if limit is not None:
limit = int(limit)
# While we still need to fetch more content to reach our limit, do so.
while limit and len(all_content) < limit:
# If the after variable isn't None, add it do the URL of the page
# we are going to fetch.
page_data = self._request_json(page_url, url_data=url_data)
# if for some reason we didn't get data, then break
data = page_data["data"]
except KeyError:
after = data.get('after')
children = data.get('children')
if self._found_place_holder(children, place_holder) or not after:
url_data["after"] = after
self._get_content(page_url, limit, url_data, place_holder,
# we may have in the last iteration gotten a few extra results, so trim
# down to limit
if limit:
all_content = all_content[:limit]
return all_content
def _fetch_modhash(self):
"""Grab the current user's modhash. Basically, just fetch any Reddit
HTML page (can just get first 1200 chars) and search for
'modhash: 1233asdfawefasdf', using to grab the modhash.
# TODO: find the right modhash url, this is only temporary
URL = urls["help"]
data = self._request(URL)
match ="modhash[^,]*", data)
self.modhash =": ")[1].strip(" '")
def get_redditor(self, user_name, *args, **kwargs):
"""Return a Redditor class for the user_name specified."""
return Redditor(self, user_name, *args, **kwargs)
def get_subreddit(self, subreddit_name, *args, **kwargs):
"""Returns a Subreddit class for the user_name specified."""
return Subreddit(self, subreddit_name, *args, **kwargs)
def get_inbox(self, *args, **kwargs):
"""Return an Inbox object."""
return Inbox(self, *args, **kwargs)
def login(self, user=None, password=None):
"""Login to Reddit. If no user or password is provided, the user will
be prompted with raw_input and getpass.getpass.
# Prompt user for necessary fields.
if user is None:
user = raw_input("Username: ")
if password is None:
import getpass
password = getpass.getpass("Password: ")
url = urls["login"]
params = {'id' : '#login_login-main',
'op' : 'login-main',
'passwd' : password,
'user' : user}
self._request_json(url, params)
self.user = self.get_redditor(user)
# Get and store the modhash; it will be needed for API requests
# which involve this user.
def logout(self):
Logs out of a session.
self.user = None
url = urls["logout"]
params = {"uh" : self.modhash}
return self._request_json(url, params)
def _subscribe(self, subreddit_id, unsubscribe=False):
"""If logged in, subscribe to the specified subreddit_id."""
action = "unsub" if unsubscribe else "sub"
url = urls["subscribe"]
params = {'sr': subreddit_id,
'action': action,
'uh': self.modhash}
return self._request_json(url, params)
def _add_comment(self, content_id, subreddit_name=None, text=""):
"""Comment on the given content_id with the given text."""
url = urls["comment"]
params = {'thing_id': content_id,
'text': text,
'uh': self.modhash,
'r': subreddit_name}
self._request_json(url, params)
def get_front_page(self, limit=DEFAULT_CONTENT_LIMIT):
"""Return the reddit front page. Login isn't required, but you'll only
see your own front page if you are logged in."""
return self._get_content(urls["reddit_url"], limit=limit)
def get_saved_links(self, limit=DEFAULT_CONTENT_LIMIT):
"""Return a listing of the logged-in user's saved links."""
return self._get_content(urls["saved"], limit=limit)
def get_all_comments(self, limit=DEFAULT_CONTENT_LIMIT, place_holder=None):
"""Returns a listing from (which provides all of
the most recent comments from all users to all submissions)."""
return self._get_content(urls["comments"], limit=limit, place_holder=place_holder)
def info(self, url=None, id=None, limit=DEFAULT_CONTENT_LIMIT):
Query the API to see if the given URL has been submitted already, and
if it has, return the submissions.
One and only one out of url (a url string) and id (a reddit url id) is
if bool(url) == bool(id):
# either both or neither were given, either way:
raise TypeError("One (and only one) of url or id is required!")
if url is not None:
params = {"url" : url}
if url.startswith(urls["reddit_url"]) and url != urls["reddit_url"]:
warnings.warn("It looks like you may be trying to get the info"
" of a self or internal link. This probably "
"won't return any useful results!", APIWarning)
params = {"id" : id}
return self._get_content(urls["info"], url_data=params, limit=limit)
def send_feedback(self, name, email, message, reason="feedback"):
Send feedback to the admins. Please don't abuse this, read what it says
on the send feedback page!
url = urls["send_feedback"]
params = {"name" : name,
"email" : email,
"reason" : reason,
"text" : message}
return self._request_json(url, params)
def compose_message(self, recipient, subject, message):
Send a message to another redditor.
url = urls["compose_message"]
params = {"text" : message,
"subject" : subject,
"to" : str(recipient),
"uh" : self.modhash,
"user" : self.user}
return self._request_json(url, params)
def search_reddit_names(self, query):
Search the subreddits for a reddit whose name matches the query.
url = urls["search_reddit_names"]
params = {"query" : query}
results = self._request_json(url, params)
return [self.get_subreddit(name) for name in results.get("names")]
def submit(self, subreddit, url, title, submit_type=None, text=None):
Submit a new link.
Accepts either a Subreddit object or a str containing the subreddit
sr_name = str(subreddit)
params = {"kind" : "link",
"sr" : sr_name,
"title" : title,
"uh" : self.modhash,
"url" : url,
"id" :}
if submit_type == 'self' and text != None:
params["kind"] = submit_type
params["text"] = text
url = urls["submit"]
return self._request_json(url, params)
def create_subreddit(self, short_title, full_title, description="", language="English [en]",
type="public", content_options="any", other_options=None,
"""Create a new subreddit"""
url = urls["create"]
# TODO: Implement the rest of the options.
params = {"name" : short_title,
"title" : full_title,
"type" : type,
"uh" : self.reddit_session.modhash}
return self._request_json(url, params)
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