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Contribution Guidelines

Todd Menier edited this page Jun 12, 2018 · 1 revision

Flurl is a community effort. Code contributions are always welcomed. I just ask that you adhere to these guidelines:

  • Start by creating an issue and describing your proposed fix/enhancement. Unless it's a very trivial change, it's usually best to discuss it first.

  • Fork the project and make your changes in the dev branch. Your pull request should also target dev.

  • Write tests to cover all new/changed functionality. Your tests should fail without your changes and pass with them.

  • Add XML commments to any new public methods/properties/ect.

  • Try to follow existing coding conventions. I try not to be too picky here, and while using spaces instead of tabs isn't grounds for automatic rejection, I do prefer things to be generally consistent. :)

Got a contribution for the docs? They live in a seperate repo. Pull requests are welcomed here too, except there's no dev branch so just target master, and no need to create an issue first if it's just content edits.

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