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Installing Redmine RE

You need knowledge on how to work with the shell and you need a working Redmine installation to install Redmine RE.

If you don’t have a working Redmine installation (we tested the Redmine RE plug-in on Redmine version 2.4 and 2.6), you can:

We used the Rails versions required by Redmine and Ruby 2.1.x for our test installation.

Install the plug-in


Goto the directory /<redmine_root>/plugins/ and extract one of the bundled releases in our GitHub release page. Please note, that each release is tied to a certain Redmine version range.

Or to get the newest plugin version execute the following command:

git clone


  1. check that you cloned into the folder redmine_re (not e.g. redmine_re-master) and
  2. check that the folder is readable by the user who runs Redmine (this could also be your webserver-user). Generally, redmine_re should have the same user/group privileges as your redmine root folder.

Install plugin in Redmine

Goto /<redmine_root>/ and execute the following commands:

    bundle install

... wait until the operation finished ...

    rake redmine:plugins:migrate

Thats it! Now you can start you application and use the Redmine RE plug-in.

Install plugin in Bitnami Redmine

We have tested the installation on Bitnami Redmine 2.6.1 on Windows using a standard installation:

  • copy the extracted Zip as redmine_re into C:\Bitnami\redmine-2.6.1-1\apps\redmine\htdocs\plugins
  • verify the permissions: the user who is installing should have readwrite access in C:\Bitnami\redmine-2.6.1-1\apps\redmine\htdocs and deeper
  • open a DOS box and give the commands:
    > * cd C:\Bitnami\redmine-2.6.1-1\apps\redmine\htdocs
    > * C:\Bitnami\redmine-2.6.1-1\ruby\bin\ruby.exe bin\rake redmine:plugins:migrate RAILS_ENV="production"
  • restart Redmine via its control panel which can be accessed via Start | All Programs | Bitnami Redmine Stack | Redmine Manager Tool

Known Installation Problems

  • Some users reported, that that the left sidebar in Redmine RE is missing. In this case the plugin assets folder of Redmine RE could not be copied into the Redmine installation (which should happen automatically if permissions are set up correctly).
  • To fix this copy the folder REDMINE/plugins/redmine_re/assets (and all its contents) manually to REDMINE/public/plugin_assets/redmine_re.

Activate the Plugin for a Project

Remember: If you want to use the Redmine RE plug-in, you need to activate the plug-in by ticking the "requirements" modules box at the project configuration page.

If Something Went Rrong

Simply delete the redmine_re folder and restore the database backup you created.

If you did not create a backup (you should really have done it, actually you should backup your DB regularly) try to migrate the pluging down

    rake redmine:plugins:migrate NAME=redmine_re VERSION=0

and delete the redmine_re folder afterwards.

Your last option (unless you created a backup) is to CREATE A BACKUP NOW and manually delete the tables created by the Redmine RE Plugin. You could check for those tables by issuing:

    cd plugins/redmine_re; grep create_table db/migrate/*

Note: Older Versions of Redmine RE used the table ratings from the ratings plugin (Now we use the table re_ratings). Do NOT REMOVE the table ratings if you installed other plugins which use the ratings plugin.

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