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OpenLava as DCOS service for Apache Mesos

Note: this is very much work in progress! Feel free to help :-)

to run this stuff:

$ docker-compose -p tmetsch up

This will start a mesos-master, mesos-agents and the OpenLava master framework. It is a "simulated" distributed environment for testing only atm. The idea for integrating Openlava on Mesos is the following:

As long as the queues are empty reject offers from mesos OR if a queues has pending jobs offers are accepted and the openlava services are started as a task. This is done with the help of a simple PID controller.

Tasks are completed in case they are idle for a while.

Openlava itself could make use of firing up docker containers to run the actual workload.

There are several docker images being used here:

  • the Apache Mesos & Marathon images from this repo.
  • based on the previous one an image is defined which combines OpenLava & the OpenLava framework (this could be split into two to be more lightweight)


To submit jobs:

$ docker exec -u openlava tmetsch_openlavamaster_1 \ 
  /opt/openlava-2.2/bin/bsub -J "myArray[1-100]" /bin/sleep 3

To list jobs:

$ docker exec -u openlava tmetsch_openlavamaster_1 \ 

To watch the current hosts (Mesos Tasks) in the OpenLava cluster:

$ watch docker exec -u openlava tmetsch_openlavamaster_1 \

In the meantime feel free to see the openlava cluster shrink and grow based on demand :-)

Important note

OpenLava 2.2 currently requires this patch to assure only the offered CPUs are being used.