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Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup (Extra Hearty Edition)

This is a fork of the roguelike game Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup. It is not merely a mirror of the official repository on Gitorious, but is a modified version of the "official" game.

Most of these modifications are reverted removals of various game features. The game's development team is a bit too trigger happy on removing mildly imbalanced or even just personally disagreeable features for my tastes. I prefer to favor variety over balance in this style of game, so I regularly review the latest changes to the development version and revert any that I disagree with; this project is the result of those efforts. Many of these changes are just personal preferences; if you don't like them, I recommend playing the (excellent) official version of the game!

The master branch of this repository is regularly rebased onto the updated upstream master branch. Base your own work on it at your own risk.


  • Restore mountain dwarves
  • Restore stalkers
  • Restore potions of water
  • Restore evaporate & fulsome distillation spells
  • Restore the book of Stalking
  • Restore Zot:5 orb chamber vaults
  • Restore staves
  • Increase Elf back to its original 5 levels
  • Increase Vaults back to its original 8 levels
  • Restore monster fleeing behavior
  • Restore bumblebees
  • Restore miscellanous removed vaults
  • Remove pre-identification of unrandarts
  • Enable the officially unfinished but functional Enchanted Forest and Dwarven Hall branches (experimental)
  • Restore Maxwell's Silver Hammer
  • Restore spell memorization failure
  • Slightly increase difficulty of orb run monster spawns
  • Restore claws effect from beastly appendage
  • Enable Crypt entrance to spawn in Vault:2-5
  • Restore "bad" potions appearing in Cigotuvi's wizlab
  • Restore blessed toes
  • Let alarm traps trigger multiple times
  • Revert revealing of teleport traps in some vaults
  • Revert removal of Xom's hostile animated weapon effect
  • Restore toadstools growing on corpses
  • Keep Dig silent
  • Restore earth-themed ziggurat levels
  • Restore rock trolls
  • Restore wood golems
  • Restore ant larvae
  • Various minor vault tweaks
  • Re-enable chaos butterfly spawns
  • Restore Cigotuvi's Degeneration
  • Restore Book of Morphology
  • Retain stabbing skill
  • Retain splint mail
  • Retain sludge elves
  • Retain priests (of Zin)
  • Retain laboratory rats and some removed bat species
  • Retain Pan in the Forest
  • Retain player clinging (Gargoyles, Spider Form, etc.)
  • Retain Traps skill