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Application for automatically applying updates to certain software on Windows
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Application for automatically applying updates to certain software on Windows.


  • It's written in Java, so unfortunately you'll have to already have Java installed to run this.
  • Requires the HTTP library Resty, version 0.3.2 (name it resty-0.3.2.jar and place it in the same directory as this Readme)
  • Some versions of the JVM don't play nice with it (seems to be ok on 7U45 and up, definitely works on 7U55)
  • Only works on Windows (tested on 7) and requires being run as Administrator
  • It requires an HTTP server on your LAN to download the updates from
  • It uses the statically configured directory c:\magicupdates to save its state and anything it downloads
  • I churned this thing out over the course of about 2 days at work so it might have some bugs
  • Don't blame me if it breaks something
  • Not very configurable, I only wrote code for the rules I needed to use


  • Compile it (run make)
  • Edit the config file as required and put it on your server, along with all the required update files
  • Run java -jar magic.jar http://your-update-host/path/to/updates.cfg as Administrator
  • It generates some stuff (batch file, state file, data files, and logs) in c:\magicupdates and schedules a task to run on reboot to install the updates
  • When you reboot, the updates will install

Configuration rules

  • Comments must start at the beginning of a line and begin with //
  • Empty lines are ignored
  • Each configuration item is named with an 'entry' line
  • State the version of the item with the 'version' line
  • State the files required for the item with 'file' lines
  • State the commands required for the installation with 'command' lines (See Replacements section below for details)
  • Specify any specific conditions for installation with 'cond' lines (See Conditions section below)
  • End the item block with an 'end' line
  • Refer to the included example config file for details


Conditions take the form type;param{;moreparams}

Three types of conditions are supported:

  • platform;xx
    • platform;32 to only run the item on a 32 bit system
    • platform;64 to only run the item on a 64 bit system
  • cmdnotcontain;string;command
    • Runs the specified command, and installs the item if it doesn't contain the specified string
    • For an example, look at the Java rules in the example config
  • cmdcontain;string;command
    • Same as the cmdnotcontain rule, but the opposite behavior


Command strings can have variables in them. Three types of replacements are supported:

  • %%n
    • Replaced by the full pathname of file number n of this entry
  • !!n
    • Like %%n, but located in the log directory and with '.log' appended (for a log file related to a specific downloaded file)
  • @@
    • Replaced by the working directory c:\magicupdates\data

Again, refer to the example config file to see how all of these work.


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