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A utility for generating printable meshes of terrain
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A utility for generating printable meshes of terrain.

rendered terrain data


A is provided so you may simply pip install . -- doing so in a virtual environment is recommended. Invoke as topostl.


Currently, this software is designed to use SRTMGL3 v003 terrain data as input. Simply download the set of granules you need to extract elevations from and store the .hgt files in some directory.

To select a region to mesh, you must specify a bounding box in terms of latitude and longitude; e.g. the set of arguments -n 32.42 -w -106.65 -s 32.2925 -e -106.5 gives you the terrain between 32.2925 N to 32.42 N latitude and 106.65 W to 106.5 W longitude.

At a minimum, you must specify these bounding box parameters along with the input SRTM directory (-d) and output STL file (-o).

The overall scale of the mesh can be set with the -f option; by default, a scale of 0.00001 is used and thus 1 km is represented as 1 cm.

Terrain can be exaggerated using the -a option, which defaults to 1.0. This is simply a multiplicative factor for the elevation data.

The depth, in millimeters, of the solid's base extending below the terrain can be set with -b. This parameter defaults to 5.0 mm.

An example invocation utilizing all of these parameters could be topostl -d /data/srtmgl3/ -n 32.42 -w -106.65 -s 32.2925 -e -106.5 -a 1.3 -f 0.0000150 -b 1.25 -o my_mesh.stl.

The mesh is output with millimeter scale. The base will be axis-aligned and centered at the origin in the x-z plane.

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