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Noteworthy is an in-progress music editor with a sheet music interface. It is written in TypeScript, and uses React, MobX, and the Web Audio API.

Try it out here!

Screen Shot 2019-04-08 at 12 41 50 PM

Currently, it supports:

  • Insert, drag and drop of notes, rests, accidentals, repeats, etc.
  • Playback (hit "enter" to hear your music)!
  • Edit while you play! Try moving the bounds of a repeat while in playback mode.
  • Piece-wide key signatures.
  • Chords that snap into place.
  • Varying octave, volume, tempo inside the piece.
  • A few instruments (piano, sine and sawtooth waves, and a snare).

Here is a screenshot of the insertion UI!


To run it locally, use npm start.


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