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  • Replaced migration with Start, Stop or Restart
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  • Fix to move config out of the way on Ubuntu 16.04
  • Added config backup
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@tmiland tmiland released this Mar 13, 2019

  • Ignore config.yml on install and update.
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Added external_port to config.yml Configuration
- Changed update check on first run to exclude notes (since curl might not be installed)
- external_port will be set to 443 if https_only = true, else < blank > (assuming use of reverse proxy with https.)
- Set default domain to since option now is blank in config. (blank domain doesn't work on local instance)
- Created IRC Channel on

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Changed update procedure to avoid Detached HEAD state

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  • Added service and docker status indicators.
  • Disable update check after update.
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Changed script update function to fetch latest release.

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  • Rearranged a lot of stuff.
  • Added quiet option to apt-get + progress bar.
  • Added distro check for lsb install.
  • Tested and working on Ubuntu 18.10
    • Docker option works
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Added support for Fedora.

  • Tested on Fedora 29.
  • Docker option works.

If you get permission issues, set selinux to permissive.
See how to here: Disable SELinux or Set it to Permissive mode in Fedora 28 / 29, RHEL or CentOS

Postgresql 11 will be installed by default in both Fedora and CentOS.

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