Procon Limits used by The Norwegian Battlefield Community
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Admin Away Commands
Announce Top Scoring Clan
Announce VIP
Commander and Squadleader
Defib and repairtool
End Round If Too Far Behind
Hackusations Shame
Idle Kick
Join Command
KDR Punish
Knifes & Pistols Only
Low pop vehicle kills
Mute On Foreign Language API
Mute on Empty Chat
Mute on Hackusations
Next Map In Server Name
No Sniper-DMR
Ping Kicker
Prohibit Pickups
Prohibit Vehicles
Punish Explosives
Punish Rammers
Punish and Mute on Bad Words
Punish and Mute on Insults
Punish and Mute on Racism
Punish on Profanity - Google API
Random Factions
Random Kill Announcements
Random Server Name
Reserve slot for serverstarter
Server Restart
ServiceStars on killcam
Set Factions Based on Map
Sniper Lotto
Squad Move
Squad Recruiter
TK Punisher
Take squad lead
Tips on Killcam
Vehicle KDR Punish
Vote IO
Vote Kick Ban
Vote to nuke
Vote to surrender
Watch for !ptfo
Watch for !res
Watch for !teamplay
Watch for GG-BG
Yell to Squad Members on Request
watch for !help-backup
watch for !nextmap


Procon Limits used by The Norwegian Battlefield Community

This is limits from the Procon Forums:

Thanks to PapaCharlie9 for providing the Plugin and helping out with all the limits! :-)