Blender AddOn to import RepRap G-code
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Blender Addon to Import RepRap G-code

This repository contains a Blender( addon for importing RepRap .gcode files as 3D models. Each layer of the print is imported as a frame of animation.

There is a folder in this repository for each version of Blender that is supported. Simple add the file or folder from the appropriate version to your scripts/addons folder and enable the addon in Blender's "Addons" pane in User Preferences.

Note: There is a known bug that will affect gcode generated by old versions of slic3r or custom gcode with comments. Make sure there is a space preceeding the semi-colon on lines that contain both G-code instructions and comments or you'll get an error. This will be fixed in the future.

This script is heavily based off the work of Simon Kirkby and David Anderson's previous versions.