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Utility for adding word wise information to non amazon .mobi books
Python Batchfile Shell
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Build status

You can create wordwise enabled .mobi files for Amazon Kindle by using

To enable wordwise, the lang meta data of your .mobi files should be set to eng. You can use ebook-meta -l eng to change the meta data.


  1. You need to have calibre on your device.
  2. Go to Releases and download wisecreator version for your operating system (wisecreator.exe for windows, wisecreator for linux)
  3. Finally run the below commands in a shell
    Windows: wisecreator.exe PATH_TO_YOUR_MOBI_BOOK
    Linux      : ./wisecreator PATH_TO_YOUR_MOBI_BOOK

You can move standalone wisecreator file anywhere you like on your computer, but if you are using calibre portable, make sure you add your calibre portable folder to the PATH environment variable


  1. Install calibre
  2. Download and install Python3. If your python has been build from source install pysqlite3 additionally
  3. From this project folder run python -m pip install .
  4. Finally run wisecreator: wisecreator PATH_TO_YOUR_BOOK

Kindle Android app

  1. You need to have root access to your android phone.
  2. Follow the script or executable and get new .mobi and .kll files
  3. Rename LanguageLayer.en.ASIN.kll to WordWise.en.ASIN.db
  4. Push the .mobi book to Android/data/
  5. Push the WordWise.en.ASIN.db file to /data/user/0/ You need root access for this.
  6. set the permissions for the wordwise file by running chcon u:object_r:app_data_file:s0:c512,c768 [filename].db from a terminal emulator app or via adb shell at the above path.

To develop:

You need pyinstaller to pack executables. You can install it with pip.

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