Keyboard Controller Board for HHKB pro2 - KiCad project
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Keyboard Controller Board for HHKB

This controller makes your HHKB fully programmable. You can use this with tmk_keyboard firmware. This will fit HHKB Pro2, Type-S and JP.

You can buy assembled board here.


141.50x36.00mm(1.6mm thick)


  • 2017/06/27: Rev.N Fix footprint of USB: add SMD pads for frame
  • 2017/05/03: Rev.M Fix footprints of USB, LED, SKHH and DF14
  • 2016/08/27: Rev.L Enlarge TH land of USB connector
  • 2016/07/03: Rev.K Add reverse polarity protection and change foot print of D1
  • 2016/01/28: Rev.J Add TMK logo and remove C13
  • 2015/12/01: Rev.I Changed USB miniB to UX60SC-MB-5S8(through hole)
  • 2015/12/01: Rev.H' Changed lands of USB miniB to recomended size
  • 2015/07/xx: Rev.H
  • 2015/03/xx: Rev.G
  • 2014/12/xx: Rev.F
  • 2014/11/xx: Rev.E
  • 2014/09/19: Rev.D
  • 2014/07/28: Rev.C