Poker X compatible 60% size PCB supports various Alps switch keyboard layouts like AEK, Omnikey, Dell, V60MTS and Infinity(KiCad Project)
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ALPS 60% keyboard PCB
Primary goal is to support 60% cut AEK(Apple Extended Keyboard) layout and fits into Poker X cmpatible cases.

Rev.A   2015/03
Rev.B   2015/05     ISO Enter fix
Rev.C   2015/10     Silk fix: position of K70, K40 and value of resistor:10K -> 1K
                    Capslock for Cherry Stepped 1.25u
Rev.D   2016/04     Fix Xtal foot print and value of R and C
Rev.E   2016/08     Retouch USB connector footprint and silks
Rev.F   2017/08     Add breakout for unused pins(PC4, PC6, PC7)

### LED ###
Backlight won't support. Indicators may be needed for debug.
LED footprint for ALPS Green?

### PCB mount plate: ###
1.6mm PCB will be OK for switch plate.
SMD LED? WS2812? Matias style underside LED?

### TrackPoint ###
ATMega32u2 has no spare pins for TrackPoint three buttons and signals.

Footprint library
    Centroid: Diode and capacitor footprint
    Pin1 is cathode or capacitor-positive. Pin1 is left for two pin devices like resitor and caps.
    Pin1 is on upper left for many pin device like DIP, QFP, SOT...
    reversed pins of LED: create new LED component
Silk fix:                                           DONE 10/09
    placement of K70, K40
    value of resistor:10K -> 1K
Capslock for Cherry Stepped 1.25u:                  DONE 10/09
    Someone may use Cherry keycaps with stem adapters.
    never seen 1.25u stepped Capslock for Alps, normally 1.5u stepped or 1.75u(no stepped) for Alps

ISP pads:
Support for infinity bottom row: 1.5, 1, 1, 1.5:    DONE 03/05
Thumb keys, split space bar:                        near future
Trackpoint support: mount holes and IO pins:        Future revision
Bluetooth support:                                  Future revision

USB connector should be shifted to outside by 0.3-0.5mm. 04/05

ISO Enter Support:
    ISO Enter key can be used in Rev.B and later revision. The PCB supports three mount positions, 1u, 1.25u and 1.5u. See pictures and figure below. Matias has 1.25u mount, Dell and Alps have 1.5u mount and ISO Enter with 1u mount is not confirmed its existence yet. By the way, Cherry ISO key is also located in middle of 1.25u as Matias does.

    keycap from Matias
    keycap from NEC Rakuraku keyboard(Alps)
    keycap from Dell AT102W;topic=69740.0;attach=101849;image

       ------- -------
      |       |       |
      |   +   |   +   | 1u
      |       |   |   |
       ------- -------
            |     |   |
            |    +|   | 1.25u
            |    ||   |
          |      ||   |
          |     +||   | 1.5u
          |     |||   |
          .-----------, 1.5u
          |     |||   |
          |     |||   |
           `    +++   |
            |         |
            |         |
            `---------' 1.25u

Support Layouts
Hopefully supports AEK, KBP V60, Omnikey and Dell layouts. AEK ISO layout is not supported due to its anormaly. See below link.

Top right:
    \, `        (HHKB style)
    Backspace   (US)

Right shift:
    RShift, Fn  (HHKB/Omnikey style)
    RShift      (US)

Bottom row:
    1.5, 1.25, 1.5,     space 6.5,  1.5, 1.25, 1.5          (AEK)
    1.5, 1, 1.5,        space 7,    1.5, 1, 1.5             (101key,103key)
    1.25, 1.25, 1.25,   space 6.25, 1.25, 1.25, 1.25, 1.25  (V60, 104key, Infinity Standard)
    1.5, 1, 1.5,        space 6,    1.5, 1, 1, 1.5          (Infinity Hacker)

    ISO Enter key
    ISO LShift

Space bar:
    7.0u                                                    (AEK, 101key, 103key)
    6.375u                                                  (V60, 104key, Infinity Standard)
    6.5u                                                    (Infinity Hacker)

Caps lock:
    0.75u(3/8)                                              (Non Stepped)
    0.25u(2/8)                                              (Dell/SGI Stepped)
    0.125u(1/8)                                             (Cherry Stepped)

(key unit; Top row: Esc[0u], 1[1u], ... 7[7u], ...)

Support Cases
Poker X case and its compatibles.
Also V60 case are supported hopefully with ballpark figure from pics.

Poker3/Pok3r case

Pics and Resources
Apple Extended Keyboard & II:
    AEK ISO is not standard, weirdly shfted to right and not supported.

Dutch Apple Extended Keyboard with different spacebar stab(2018/05)

KBParadise V60 with Matias:
    On their Facebook they said:
    we can screw V60 plate on 4 holes of Poker2/Pure Pro case. Basicly , V60 can fit in Poker 2 case. But V60 has 6 dip switch , Poker 2 only has 4 dip switch. If the back side hole space not enough , the plate touch , not balance.
Poker 2 can not fit in V60 case. Because V60 case is a little smaller than Poker 2.

Northgate Omnikey 101key:

Dell/SGI 101    Spacebar pos:7u

Dell 101W(104key with Windows key)  Spacebar pos 6.375u;topic=50993.0;attach=45171;image

Matias switch custom keyboard:

Face U replica PCB(Cherry)

Nerd 60 PCB(Cherry)

Infinity PCB(Alps/Cherry)

Duckmini V2 PCB(Alps/Cherry)

Some case has extra standoffs;topic=50580.0;attach=56770;image

Other Alps SKCM keyboards

ISO Enter(Matias: 1.25u center/Alps: 1.5u center)