Oauth playground app to see How OAuth works
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Oauth Playground DEMO

Playground application to show how OAuth works. oauth_playground_home This is a simple django web application for demonstrating OAuth authorization flow.You can simply try the demo Code in this repo is explained in this article

How to run

If you interest in running the app locally, You have to install following dependencies

  • Django
  • Requests
  • requests-oauthlib

Clone the repo and run ./manage.py runserver to start the demo application. To change the default OAuth parameters, Update the oauth_playground/oauth_playground/configs.py configuration file accordingly and make sure you don't share this file.

Configure to run with WSO2 APIM

You can use this playground application to try out the application developer experience using WSO2 APIM. For example: If you want to consume an API which is managed by WSO2 APIM and to build an application. You can try out how to grant role based permissions to only allow specific users to access particular API

  • Download the latest API Manager (APIM) pack from wso2
  • Unzip , run and login to APIM Publisher
  • Create an API , and an application
  • Use the generated Consumer keys and Consumer Secrete to try out the playground application
  • You can use the API Console tool to try out the api invocation and get sample results.

Reference :