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Bundler Path Helper

bundler-path-helper is a Z shell function that will automatically add and remove bundled gems and binaries to $GEM_PATH and $PATH respectively. This means that you will no longer need to use bundle exec when working on your project.

If the current bundle has gem collections for multiple ruby versions, bundler-path-helper will attempt to guess the most appropriate version based on the current ruby interpreter.


  • You use zsh
  • Your have a properly configured $fpath


Clone the respository somewhere.

$ git clone git:// ~/.zsh/plugins/bundler-path-helper

Alternatively, you can create a submodule.

$ git submodule add git:// ~/.zsh/plugins/bundler-path-helper

Add the functions subdirectory to your $fpath. This should be done in your .zshrc.

$ fpath+=$HOME/.zsh/plugins/*/functions/*(N)

Make sure the function is called from your zshrc

$ echo "bundler_paths" >> ~/.zsh/.zshrc


  • bundler-path-helper should coexist peacefully with RVM since it only activates if the current directory's bundle was installed into a manually specified location. This isn't something you would typically do if you're using an RVM gemset.
  • bundler-path-helper is run immediately after every command. It is lightweight enough that you shouldn't notice any additional lag.
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