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@MARK_GLYPHS = [gravecmb acutecmb circumflexcmb tildecmb macroncmb brevecmb dotaccentcmb dieresiscmb hookabovecmb ringcmb hungarumlautcmb caroncmb dblgravecmb commaturnedabovecmb commaabovecmb horncmb dotbelowcmb dieresisbelowcmb commabelowcmb cedillacmb ogonekcmb brevebelowcmb macronbelowcmb gravecmb.cap acutecmb.cap circumflexcmb.cap tildecmb.cap macroncmb.cap brevecmb.cap dotaccentcmb.cap dieresiscmb.cap hookabovecmb.cap ringcmb.cap hungarumlautcmb.cap caroncmb.cap dblgravecmb.cap cedillacmb.cap ogonekcmb.cap dieresismacron dieresismacron.cap dieresisacute dieresisacute.cap dieresiscaron dieresiscaron.cap dieresisgrave dieresisgrave.cap circumflexacute circumflexacute.cap circumflexgrave circumflexgrave.cap circumflexhook circumflexhook.cap circumflextilde circumflextilde.cap breveacute breveacute.cap brevegrave brevegrave.cap brevehook brevehook.cap brevetilde brevetilde.cap caron.alt commabelowcmb.alt circumflexbreve circumflexbreve.cap ];
@FRACTION_GLYPHS = [fraction divisionslash slash.frac];
pos @MARK_GLYPHS <0 0 -600 0>;
pos @FRACTION_GLYPHS <-300 0 -600 0>;
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