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Not really in any order:

  • Make body, part, field, header, message all responding correctly to :encoded and :decoded messages. And remove “:to_s” as a method on these classes. Encoded needs to return the field, encoded, ready to send in the mail system, that is, US-ASCII. Decoded needs to return the field decoded ready to view. :to_s is (unfortunately) ambiguous in this case. Maybe return a warning with :to_s and say “please use encoded or decoded instead” or :to_s returns “Showing you the encoded view by default, call :decoded to see the decoded view”

  • Refactor out the multibyte and string handling. Make ActiveSupport a dependancy

  • Clean up the relationship between message, parts and bodies. Need to make sure once parsed, that a body knows what encoding it is, for example.

  • Cleanup the treetop parsers.….…. do I really need that many entrance files?

  • Simplify the relationship of Headers and Fields. Doing too much of the Field work in the Header class on instantiating fields. Header should just say “Field, do it!”