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LibTML for Python

TML Messaging Suite is a network messaging library for rapid development of extensible and scalable interfaces. Based on the peer to peer standard protocol BEEP (Blocks Extensible Exchange Protocol), defined in RFC3080 and RFC3081 libTML is suitable for many use cases and communication patterns. Equipped with a type safe data API, TML can transport hierarchical data structures fast and reliable. read more ...

libTML for Python is a Python extension and a set of classes to simplify the usage of libTML.

Automatic type conversion allows to assign Python types to libTML data containers. Messages can transfer Python lists and dictionaries or any combination of them to benefit from hierarchical data structures in network interface design.

The libTML projects are published under LGPL 2.1 and can be used for open source and commercial projects according to the license terms.

The Python extension requires the libTML-c core libraries.

How to get help ?

The primary source of information is the documentation of the library.

To discuss about libTML, ask questions, get help or receive news about releases, planned features and development progress, a libTML mailing list is available. Subscribe to the mailing list to get involved.

For additional information about getting support for libTML got to

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