AMQP client implementation in Ruby/EventMachine
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bin Added bin/irb for easier interactive development. Nov 9, 2010
doc Add examples as RDOC files Mar 13, 2009
lib Version 0.7, so far I released only 0.7.pre, get in touch if somethin… Jan 5, 2011
protocol rename AMQP::Protocol::Class#parent to #section for better rails compat. Jul 9, 2009
research move old primes examples to research Jul 22, 2008
spec Expose sync API for MQ#close (Channel.Close) [issue #34] Nov 16, 2010
CHANGELOG Updates in CHANGELOG. Jan 5, 2011
Gemfile Added em-spec for testing asynchronous stuff. Nov 9, 2010
Gemfile.lock Added em-spec for testing asynchronous stuff. Nov 9, 2010
Rakefile Updated copyright info and created CONTRIBUTORS file. Jan 6, 2011
amqp.gemspec More flexible gemspec. Jan 5, 2011
amqp.todo TODO: header values cannot be nil Oct 15, 2008