AMQP client implementation in Ruby/EventMachine
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bin Added bin/irb for easier interactive development. Nov 9, 2010
doc Add examples as RDOC files Mar 13, 2009
examples Updated the example Nov 15, 2010
lib Version 0.7, so far I released only 0.7.pre, get in touch if somethin… Jan 5, 2011
protocol rename AMQP::Protocol::Class#parent to #section for better rails compat. Jul 9, 2009
research move old primes examples to research Jul 22, 2008
spec Expose sync API for MQ#close (Channel.Close) [issue #34] Nov 16, 2010
CHANGELOG Updates in CHANGELOG. Jan 5, 2011
Gemfile Added em-spec for testing asynchronous stuff. Nov 9, 2010
Gemfile.lock Added em-spec for testing asynchronous stuff. Nov 9, 2010 Edited via GitHub Aug 4, 2011
Rakefile Updated copyright info and created CONTRIBUTORS file. Jan 6, 2011
amqp.gemspec More flexible gemspec. Jan 5, 2011
amqp.todo TODO: header values cannot be nil Oct 15, 2008