greasemonkey-style chrome extension to add keyboard navigation, stars, notes and inline images/maps to craigslist apartment listings
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a greasemonkey-style chrome extension for

adds keyboard bindings to:

  • navigate results (up/down/left/right or h/j/k/l)
  • highlight/ignore results
  • add notes/tags to results
  • show images/maps inline

originally developed for apartment listings, but works on any craigslist list/search or detail page.

before after


  • git clone git://
  • navigate to chrome://extensions
  • click Developer mode
  • click Load unpacked extension...
  • navigate to your checkout and click Select
  • go to a craigslist listing page
  • hit ?

keyboard bindings

  • ? for help

on a search results page

  • k or up to select previous result
  • j or down to select next result
  • l or right to navigate to result page
  • i to ignore current result (reduce opacity)
  • s to star the current result (bgcolor highlight)
  • m to toggle inline google map for location
  • p to toggle inline photos
  • t to edit tags/notes for result
  • c to clear the inline cache

on an apt detail page

  • h or left to go back to the search results
  • i to ignore result
  • s to star the result
  • m to toggle google maps
  • t to edit tags/notes


yes, i know about padmapper. it's a great service. use it.

other useful tools