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This is a hack that combines Homebrew and FPM to build a Ruby version of pacman's makepkg.

The packages found here can be built using the gh-package/inferno system.

usage from hubot

You can build any package in brew2deb via hubot, using:

hubot package {package-name}/{branch}

You can also test packages like so:

hubot package git/test-package-branch

You'll find the built test packages for git in, e.g., /data/brew2deb/packages/git/pkg on build1 (squeeze) and build2 (lenny).

Once in master, you can build and setup packages:

hubot package git/master

This uploads the package to gold1 and runs freight to make it available for puppetruns.

available packages (a few still in progress)

  • android-sdk
  • asciidoc
  • astyanax
  • clojure
  • collectd (in progress)
  • collectd-carbon (in progress)
  • credis
  • daemontools
  • django
  • djbdns
  • docutils (in progress)
  • elasticsearch
  • elfutils
  • erlang
  • filtergen
  • freight
  • func
  • geoip (requires manually building, site license)
  • git
  • go
  • google-coredumper (requires manual building, lenny only)
  • google-perftools
  • graphite (in progress)
  • grok
  • gunicorn (in progress)
  • hadoop-hive (in progress)
  • haproxy
  • htop
  • igb
  • ipmitool
  • ipvsadm
  • kestrel
  • leiningen
  • libelf
  • libmemcache
  • libunwind
  • libvirt (Ubuntu 12.04 only)
  • linux-image
  • lldpd
  • lockrun
  • logstash
  • lshw
  • lsof
  • ltrace
  • megacli (requires manually building, site license)
  • megaraid_sas (requires manually building, squeeze only)
  • memcached
  • mtop
  • nethogs
  • nginx (in progress)
  • nodejs
  • openssh
  • openssl
  • openwsman (Ubuntu 12.04 only)
  • percona-server
  • phantomjs
  • postgresql
  • pygments
  • redis1
  • redis2
  • redis24
  • rsyslog
  • ruby (multiple versions, in progress of being split)
  • s3cmd
  • spawn-fcgi
  • toiletfs
  • vmtouch
  • yajl
  • zeromq
  • zootest

local setup on debian

$ apt-get install dpkg-dev pbuilder
$ apt-get install ruby rubygems libjson-ruby
$ apt-get install git
$ apt-get install curl
$ git clone git://

command-line usage

$ cd packages/git
$ tree
├── formula.rb
└── patches
    ├── git-fetch-performance.diff
    ├── patch-id-eof-fix.diff
    ├── post-upload-pack-hook.diff
    ├── remove-duplicate-dot-have-lines.diff
    └── upload-pack-deadlock.diff
$ ../../bin/brew2deb
==> Downloading
==> Extracting source
==> Downloading patches
==> Patching
patching file upload-pack.c
patching file Makefile
Hunk #1 succeeded at 539 (offset -8 lines).
Hunk #2 succeeded at 642 (offset -8 lines).
patching file bisect.c
patching file builtin/fetch-pack.c
patching file builtin/receive-pack.c
patching file sha1-array.c
patching file sha1-array.h
patching file transport.c
patching file transport.h
patching file builtin/fetch-pack.c
==> Compiling source
    * new build flags or prefix
    CC daemon.o
    CC abspath.o
    GEN bin-wrappers/test-svn-fe
    GEN bin-wrappers/test-treap
    GEN bin-wrappers/test-index-version
    GEN bin-wrappers/test-mktemp
==> Installing binaries
    SUBDIR gitweb
    SUBDIR ../
make[2]: `GIT-VERSION-FILE' is up to date.
    GEN git-instaweb
    SUBDIR perl
    SUBDIR git_remote_helpers
    SUBDIR templates
install -d -m 755 '/home/tmm1/brew2deb/packages/git/install/usr/bin'
install -d -m 755 '/home/tmm1/brew2deb/packages/git/install/usr/lib/git-core'
==> Packaging into a .deb
Created /home/tmm1/brew2deb/packages/git/pkg/git_1.7.5.4-1+github1_amd64.deb
$ dpkg --info pkg/git_1.7.5.4-1+github1_amd64.deb
 Package: git
 Version: 1:
 Architecture: amd64
 Maintainer: Aman Gupta <>
 Depends: perl-modules, liberror-perl, libsvn-perl | libsvn-core-perl, libwww-perl, libterm-readkey-perl
 Provides: git-core, git-svn
 Replaces: git-core, git-svn
 Conflicts: git-core, git-svn
 Standards-Version: 3.9.1
 Section: vcs
 Priority: extra
 Description: The Git DVCS with custom patches and bugfixes for GitHub.


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