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=Mail Development Road Path
==Basic Email Handling
* Everything so far [DONE - ML]
* Address parsing working with all TMail tests passing [DONE - ML]
* All address fields handling addresses correctly [DONE - ML]
* Mail able to instantiate on any known header type, use method missing [DONE - ML]
* Keywords and comments fields working (low hanging fruit) [DONE - ML]
* Date parsing working [DONE - ML]
* Date fields handling dates correctly [DONE - ML]
* Trace fields decided on method to handle [DONE - ML]
* Trace fields parsing correctly [DONE - ML]
* All trace field functionality working [DONE - ML]
* Message ID fields handling correctly [DONE - ML]
* Message ID fields generating correctly [DONE - ML]
* Work out basic API on address fields [DONE - ML]
* All RFC 2822 example emails passing [DONE - ML]
* All TMail tests relating to RFC2822 passing
* All RFC 2822 obsolete example emails passing
==Multipart Email Handling
(need to break down into smaller steps when we get here)
* Initial stages of RFC 2045 implemented (content-type and 2046, 2047) [DONE - ML]
* Mime-Version field parsing [DONE - ML]
* Mime-Version field setting [DONE - ML]
* Content-ID field parsing [DONE - ML]
* Content-ID field setting [DONE - ML]
* Content-Description field parsing [DONE - ML]
* Content-Description field setting [DONE - ML]
* Content-Transfer-Encoding parsing [DONE - ML]
* Content-Transfer-Encoding setting [DONE - ML]
* Content-Type field parsing [DONE - ML]
* Content-Type field setting [DONE - ML]
* Multipart email support [DONE - ML]
* Reading multipart emails [DONE - ML]
* Creating multipart emails [DONE - ML]
* Multipart/Report reporting done [DONE - ML]
* Implement all helper methods on adding and deleting parts and attachments [DONE - ML]
* Support for content-transport-encoding handling [DONE - ML] (base64)
* Handle non us-ascii in Subject, keywords, header fields in general
* handle encoding and decoding of multipart emails [DONE - ML] (base64)
==Basic Email Sending & Receiving
* Wrap up Net/SMTP [DONE - NF] (missing STMPS and Authentication Schemes support)
* Wrap up Net/POP3 [DONE - NF] (missing APOP support)
* Provide SMTP/POP3/IMAP default configurations for all known webmails
* Wrap up Net/IMAP (if we really want to...)
* Get a mbox parser and handler written
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