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# -*- rdoc -*-
= NEWS for Ruby 2.3.0
This document is a list of user visible feature changes made between
releases except for bug fixes.
Note that each entry is kept so brief that no reason behind or
reference information is supplied with. For a full list of changes
with all sufficient information, see the ChangeLog file.
== Changes since the 2.2.0 release
=== Language changes
=== Core classes updates (outstanding ones only)
* ARGF.read_nonblock supports `exception: false' like IO#read_nonblock.
[Feature #11358]
* Array
* Array#bsearch_index [Feature #10730]
* Enumerable
* Enumerable#grep_v is added as inverse version of Enumerable#grep.
[Feature #11049]
* Enumerable#chunk_while [Feature #10769]
* Hash
* Hash#fetch_values [Feature #10017]
* IO
* new mode flag File::SHARE_DELETE is available.
this flag means to permit deleting opened file on Windows, but currently
this affect only files opened as binary. [Feature #11218]
* new option parameter `flags' is added.
this parameter is bitwise-ORed to oflags generated by normal mode argument.
[Feature #11253]
* Module
* Module#deprecate_constant [Feature #11398]
* NameError
* NameError#receiver is added to take the receiver object. [Feature #10881]
* Numeric
* Numeric#positive? and Numeric#negative? are added, which return
true when the receiver is positive and negative respectively.
[Feature #11151]
* Thread
* Thread#name, Thread#name= are added to handle thread names [Feature #11251]
=== Core classes compatibility issues (excluding feature bug fixes)
* Array
* Array#select!, Array#keep_if, Array#reject!, and Array#delete_if
no longer changes the receiver array instantly every time the
block is called. [Feature #10714]
* Array#flatten and Array#flatten! no longer try to call #to_ary
method on elements beyond the given level. [Bug #10748]
* Enumerable
* Enumerable#chunk and Enumerable#slice_before no longer takes the
initial_state argument. [Feature #10958]
Use a local variable instead to maintain a state.
* File::Stat
* On Windows File::Stat#ino always returned 0, but now returns
* IO
* IO#close doesn't raise when the IO object is closed. [Feature #10718]
* IO#each_codepoint raises an exception at incomplete character
before EOF when conversion takes place. [Bug #11444]
* Module
* Module#define_method and Object.define_singleton_method now
require method body, Proc, Method, or a block, and raise
ArgumentError if no block is given directly. [Bug #11283]
* pack/unpack (Array/String)
* j and J directives for pointer width integer type. [Feature #11215]
=== Stdlib updates (outstanding ones only)
* Socket
* Socket#connect_nonblock, Socket#accept_nonblock,
TCPServer#accept_nonblock, UNIXServer#accept_nonblock,
BasicSocket#recv_nonblock, BasicSocket#recvmsg_nonblock,
BasicSocket#sendmsg_nonblock all support `exception :false` to return
:wait_readable or :wait_writable symbols instead of raising
IO::WaitReadable or IO::WaitWritable exceptions
* BasicSocket#recv and BasicSocket#recv_nonblock allow an output
String buffer argument like IO#read and IO#read_nonblock to reduce
GC overhead
* ObjectSpace (objspace)
* ObjectSpace.count_symbols is added.
* ObjectSpace.count_imemo_objects is added.
* ObjectSpace.internal_class_of is added.
* ObjectSpace.internal_super_of is added.
* OpenSSL
* OpenSSL::SSL::SSLSocket#accept_nonblock and
OpenSSL::SSL::SSLSocket#connect_nonblock supports `exception: false`.
* Pathname
* Pathname#descend and Pathname#ascend supported blockless form.
[Feature #11052]
* io/wait
* IO#wait_readable no longer checks FIONREAD, it may be used for
non-bytestream IO such as listen sockets.
* timeout
* Object#timeout is now warned as deprecated when called.
=== Stdlib compatibility issues (excluding feature bug fixes)
* lib/webrick/utils.rb
* removed unused argument.
* lib/drb/drb.rb
* removed unused argument.
* lib/base64.rb
* Base64.urlsafe_encode64: added a "padding" option to suppress
the padding character ("=").
* Base64.urlsafe_decode64: now it accepts not only correctly-padded
input but also unpadded input.
* lib/matrix.rb
* Add Vector#round.
* ext/coverage/coverage.c
* Coverage.peek_result: new method to allow coverage to be captured without
stopping the coverage tool.
* Net::Telnet
* Net::Telnet is extracted to net-telnet gem. It's unmaintain code.
* Rake
* Rake is removed from stdlib.
=== Built-in global variables compatibility issues
* $SAFE=2 and $SAFE=3 are obsolete. If $SAFE is set to 2 or larger,
an ArgumentError is raised. [Feature #5455]
=== C API updates
* rb_define_class_id_under() now raises a TypeError exception when the
class is already defined but its superclass does not match the given
superclass, as well as definitions in ruby level.
=== Build system updates
=== Implementation changes
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