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Jazz is an open source product that accelerates adoption of serverless architectures. Jazz helps your developers focus on code instead of managing infrastructure required for building and deploying your serverless applications.

High Level Features

  1. Create your serverless service within a couple of minutes!

    • Jazz helps your teams to quickly create serverless services (for example, API/Function/Static Website) in minutes. Once created, service endpoints are available to use almost instantaneously.
  2. Focus on your code!

    • Jazz bundles all the best practices into well-defined 'code templates' and pushes into a dedicated git repository.
    • Supports multiple programming languages: Java, Python, NodeJS.
  3. Intuitive User Interface to make software development a lot more fun!

    • Create, view and manage your services using Jazz's simple yet powerful user interface.
  4. CI/CD for serverless architectures - Solved!

    • Jazz comes with all the CI/CD hooks in place levaraging open source tools like Jenkins. In under a minute, developers changes are deployed without any additional setup.
    • CI/CD workflows come with other great goodies like automated code scan, code quality reports, unit testing etc. making Jazz enterprise ready!
  5. Authentication & Security

    • Supports Plug-and-Play authentication service. Default stack works with AWS Cognito which can extended to support other auth services.
    • Streamlined security model where security controls are applied to all your serverless services automatically which makes your services compliant by default.
  6. Logging

    • Supports Plug-and-Play logging service that can integrate with any log monitoring tool of your choice. Default installer works with ElasticSearch. Other extensions like Splunk are available under optional integrations.

Installation and Setup

Please follow the instructions in Jazz Installer's wiki.


Please refer to the following documentation for more details:


Create an API

Create a Static Website

Developer Experience

List of Jazz open source repositories

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