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Merge pull request #198 from sivanag1974/dev

Hashicorp vault 1.2 upgrade issues
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kaykumar committed Sep 10, 2019
2 parents cfe9ac7 + bf5e26e commit 45c38412cba0b7eee9620d94ee989b97af9ff0d1
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  2. BIN dist/src/main/components/hcorp/bin/
@@ -201,13 +201,14 @@ if [[ "$PKG_TYPE" == "tar" || "$PKG_TYPE" == "docker" ]]; then
echo "Creating tar"
echo "-----------------------------------------------------"

echo "Extracting"
unzip $COMPONENTS_DIR/hcorp/bin/ -d $COMPONENTS_DIR/hcorp/bin/
rm -f $COMPONENTS_DIR/hcorp/bin/

mkdir -p $TVAULT_TAR_DIR

echo "Extracting"
unzip $TVAULT_TAR_DIR/components/hcorp/bin/ -d $TVAULT_TAR_DIR/components/hcorp/bin/
rm -f $TVAULT_TAR_DIR/components/hcorp/bin/

cd $TVAULT_TAR_DIR/components

Binary file not shown.

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