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Transient Array Radio Telescope
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Transient Array Radio Telescope

The Transient Array Radio Telescope (TART) is a low-cost 24-element aperture synthesis array developed by the Elec Research Group at the University of Otago

All-sky image from a TART telescope

The TART software and hardware designs are released as open-source designs and are licensed under the GPL v3.

The authors of the first version of the TART are Tim Molteno, Charles Shaw, Max Scheel and Phil Brown. Enquries about the TART should be addressed to Tim Molteno (

Connect to our development radio telescope here


The TART hardware is designed using a combination of KiCAD (newest boards) and CadSoft's Eagle package. These designs are located in the hardware folder.


The TART uses an FPGA to synchronize data from each receiver. The code for this in the Verilog language is in the hardware/FPGA directory


See the Installation Instructions file for more detail on installation.

Telescope API documentation

The Telescope API documentation describes how the TART is controlled via the network for configration and data retrieval.

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