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@tmolteno tmolteno released this Mar 29, 2015 · 110 commits to master since this release

Version 1.6.1

  • Added python library for the c-stye API.
  • Fixed bug. "SP" with multiple "SC" doesn't work #10.
  • Yoshi Takeyasu. Change instances of int to int64_t, to allow simulations up to 140 GB.
  • Bugfix in c_geometry::cmss
  • C-style library now supports error messages. This changes the public API.
  • Added missing library function nec_kh_card().
  • Cleaned up bitrot in example code.
  • Added C-style support for patch command. nec_patch.
  • Added C-style support for GM card (move command). nec_gm_card.
  • Added python based testharness
  • Start to use matrix operations for multi-dimensional arrays. safe_matrix class.
  • Errors are thrown if zeros are specified for ground conductivity and dielectric constant.
  • Added Reflection nec_gx_card to C-style interface.
  • Added Reflection gx_card to c_geometry class.
  • Catch out of memory errors and create nice error messages
  • Fix memory allocation errors in patch simulations.

Version 1.5.4 [December 2014]

  • Changed default compiler options to remove debugging symbols
  • Fixed bug printing maximum gain on the command line.
  • Remove vector test code from main loop
  • Renamed the c_geometry->n to n_segments

Version 1.5.3 [October 2014]

  • Compatability with gcc4.9
  • Compatability with gcc4.9
  • Improved ANTLR parser.
  • Updated PyNEC directory to use numpy instead of numarray. Fixed wrap/*.cpp files [Thanks to James David]
  • Moved to using Makefile.git, and updated to
  • Include the necpp headers in both CFLAGS and CPPFLAGS

Version 1.5.2 [May 2013]

  • Changed the autoconf system to allow building with the eigen3 package
  • Added a genetic optimzer written in Ruby
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