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This is a thing. It's inspired by this demo. Here's a pretty picture. You can also view it in action on my website.

Eventline Example

Example with all stock CSS and whatnot is here.

It's licensed under the WTFPL if you care about that kind of stuff.


Reference jquery.eventline.js somewhere. You will also need the following scripts included as well:

  • jQuery
  • lib/date.format.js

I probably could have alleviated the need for dateFormat, but in my case I was already including it, so it didn't hurt. I would gladly accept pull requests that would remove this dependency. That would be awesome.

You will also need to reference the CSS contained in eventline.css as well. And you'll need to make some additions to get the colors to look nice and stuff. Look at the stuff in the example/ directory for inspiration. It's pretty simple.

Browser Support

  • Chrome
  • Firefox

I didn't test on anything else because I don't hate myself enough. Probably kinda works on IE10+.

The CSS uses gradients and I didn't include the MS filter garbage to make those work. I would also gladly accept pull requests for those.


Once you've included all the relevant stuff, do this:

var events = [
		abbreviation: 'Robbery',
		title: 'My career as a jewel thief was short lived',
		description: 'Would have gotten away with it if it wasn\'t for the security cameras.',
		category: 'Jailtime',
		startDate: new Date('1998-06-01'),
		endDate: new Date('1998-09-01')

		abbreviation: 'Arson',
		title: 'It was an accident!',
		description: 'They really should put a warning on the box: "DO NOT THROW AWAY LIT CIGARETTES IN A PAPER FACTORY". Merry Christmas to your face, judge.',
		category: 'Jailtime',
		startDate: new Date('1998-12-25'),
		endDate: new Date('1999-02-14')

$('#my-awesome-selector-full-of-events').eventline({ events: events });

To kill it, do this:




events is an array of objects that look like this:

	// required: a short version of the title
	abbreviation: 'Short',
	// required: the longer title
    title: 'Longer Title',
    // required: description of the event
    description: 'Such description. Wow. Very text.',
    // required: events are grouped into categories. this should be a single word.
    category: 'Jailtime',
    // required: the date the event started (up to hour resolution is supported)
    startDate: new Date('1998-12-25'),
    // optional: the date the event ended. for ongoing events, set to null
    endDate: new Date('1999-02-14'),
    // optional: set to true for events that are just a moment in time, like a wedding
    // note that endDate is ignored if moment is true
    moment: false


widthPerUnit (default = 150) is the width of the time units used to construct the axis. I can't make it any clearer than that.


defaultCategories is an array of categories that should be shown by default. If this isn't set (or set to an empty array) then all categories are shown by default.


Do this:

git clone
cd eventline
npm install
npm start

And then go to http://localhost:12345/example/ in your browser and feast your eyes.