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This is a transport for winston that logs to the syslog. It uses native POSIX bindings to write to the syslog; as such, it won't work on Windows, and OS X support hasn't really been tested. It definitely works on Linux.

It's not on NPM, yet. This was originally part of another library but has since been factored out into its own module.


var winston = require('winston'),
	SyslogTransport = require('./winston-syslog');

var logger = new winston.Logger({
	transports: [
		new SyslogTransport({
			id: 'my sweet app',
			facility: 'local0',
			showPid: true


By hardcoded default, syslog does not allow messages over 1024 bytes. This transport will cut up messages longer than that into multiple messages.

Also, rsyslog has a built-in rate limit of 200 messages over a period of 5 seconds from the same process. If you're doing more logging than that, you'll need to adjust those levels. More details here.