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* @author Dan Morocz
* @return byte[] of the most recent item in the dbjson collection.
private byte[] getLastDBJSONBytes() {
MongoClient mongo = StaticMongo.getInstance(s_logger);
DB db = new DB(mongo, MONGO_READINGS_DB);
JSONObject document = new JSONObject();
//public Cursor aggregate(List<? extends DBObject> pipeline, AggregationOptions options)
//DBCursor lastThreePolls = new DBCursor(db.getCollection(SENSOR_COLLECTION), DBObject query, DBObject fields, ReadPreference readPreference);
BasicDBObject queryParams = new BasicDBObject();
//queryParams.append(MONGO_INSERT_TIME_KEY, -1);
//DBCursor polls = db.getCollection(MONGO_DBJSON_COLLECTION).find().sort( queryParams );
queryParams.append("$natural", -1);
DBCursor polls = db.getCollection(MONGO_DBJSON_COLLECTION).find().sort( queryParams ).limit(1);
//get the most recent poll from the collection
int counter = 0;
String output = "";
int numPolls = 1;
DBObject obj =;
obj.put("_id", "blank"); //clear out field causing issues with AWS API
String retString = obj.toString();;
return obj.toString().getBytes(StandardCharsets.UTF_8);
return null;